The excellent acoustic performance aesthetic appeal and adaptability of KWENTHA 54 make it one of our most promised systems. In its single glazed from the glazing can be easily convert into Offset glazed or Double glazed, to suit the desired aesthetic or acoustic need without altering the base section of KWENTHA 54


Standard track section : 54mm x 25mm
Slim in design, the standard partition suite can be used with any stud thickness.
Comfortable of glass thickness of 10mm / 10.8mm to 12mm / 12.8mm.
Single door frame sizes to allow for 35mm or 45mm doors.
Partition height can be offered up-to 3000mm.
Double glazed systems/ Offset glazed system.
Sound insulation capacity of 46 – 52 dB on Double glazed system & 32 – 36 dB on Single glazed system & Offset glazed system 32 – 36 dB

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