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Products made out of ALUMINUM are very safe. It's just a myth that since ALUMINUM is light in weight the products might not have strength. Think about the cars you travel in or the planes you fly in, all of those are ALUMINUM ALLOYS that are quite safe.
ALLOYS are a mix of certain metals to add best characteristics of all of them. Think of it as hamara chintu is a mix of sharmaji ka pota, vermaji ka beta and rao saab ka bhatija. SGRIP -All our products are made of T6 6063 alloy tempered grade.​KUBIK - All our products are made of T6 6463 alloy tempered grade.​MINIMAL - All our products are made of T6 6463 alloy tempered grade.
Different products have different timelines.​SGRIP RAILINGS - From design to installation around 35-40 days.​KUBIK PARTITIONS - Based on volume of work anywhere between 7 days - 60 days.​MINIMAL SLIM WINDOWS - From measurements to installation and commission could take 45-50 days.
Yes for all our products our trained executives come to your site as per your time convenience and take measurements. We then issue drawings so there is no confusion.
when you build your dream house or office you want it to look beautiful and flawless. The welding and corrosion marks as a result of the welding of railings impart those flaws. This corrosion eats into the metal and later becomes very unsafe for people to take support. Our modular/factory made railings avoid welding on site and hence makes sure your home looks like your dream home forever. ITS AESTHETICS WITH FUNCTIONALITY COMBINED!!
yes all our products come with unbelievable warranties. We are so sure of the components we use so we are not afraid to give a 10+ years warranty on all our products*.
Powder coating is a very old technology which cannot guarantee multiple years of life of the product. We do PVDF/Electro coating/Annodising on different products based on the use and where it is installed. We invite you to our experience centre to see our finish and then decide.